30 juli 2007

Beauty lost?

I have removed my hair and the mask, there is only the core left: Me as I am.

Am I still beautiful or is it the symbols that together makes up my beauty. If I am ugly, are we all fake? From a surface point of view this is how real it gets. If my identity is the sum of how I dress, what kind of make up I wear, how skinny or fat I am, how my hair looks or how big my boobs are, does this mean that I have no identity exept from an unattractiv and cancerous one?

I am not asking because I want an answer, but because I want to reflect and others to think. Look at me and think (judge me if you want to, disagree or whatever; it means maybe that you have tought real thoughts around the subject matter).

Am I any different? Am I and others in the same situation, hairless and boobless, (though I am not boobless yet!!!) less beautiful? Can people see past it? Can they see me? Has the perception changed? And if so, how?

I am also beeing confronted with my own preconceptions I had about people like myself fighting cancer. I was wrong, and its not fair to put them and me in a box and shy away from them because of our own fear. I am HUMBLED by my own sterotyping and need to look past my own judgement, opinions and stereotyping. I apologize for my ignorance. I feel extremely humbled. I feel a different respect for my fellow people. I am not afraid anymore.

Pictures will be posted shortly.

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