08 juli 2007

For all my english speaking friends: Breastcancer!

 I have Breastcancer! I have created this blog because I realised that its a bit taboo to talk about and tell people that you have cancer, and espesially what kind of cancer you have. That puzzled me and I thought that thats just not right! We need to talk about this when so many lives are affected by this. Not only
womens lives,
but their families, boyfriends, husbands and children. Its also a good way for me to prosess all the emotions, thoughts and feelings I have before, during and after this. A third reason is to keep friends and family updated all the time instead of individually update 20 people everyday. Wich is very exhausting and not something I can continue to do. Anyway, this shit has taken a hold of my life and I am going to fight it and beat this. So to update you all I will have to tell you that I got the news 2 weeks ago. I will now next week have to have a meeting with the doctors and start kemotherapi as soon as possible. This will continue for the next 4 or 5 moths if it all goes well and the shit in my breast will shrink so they can operate it. After that I will have radiation (not sure what it is called in English but I am sure you get the idea). I will need all the support I can get, but I intend to live my life to the full as
much as I can with this thing. This decease will not run my life, as long as I can stand up I will run it!!! Its been a really long time since I have seen you all, but you have definitly been on my mind and espesially you college mates and the absurd times in Blackpool. I will be posing updates on this blog so keep watching. Love ya!!P.S: I welcome any comment on this

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juliefluff sa...

Hi Linda,

Just leaving a comment to say that i am thinking of you and sending you lots of love. I am so proud at how you are fighting this. You are amazing! You know that you can chat to me at anytime and that you have my full support!

Love ya loads



David Gregory sa...

Wow.. I read that complete shock. I'm speechless, and have no idea what to say. It doesn't surprise me that you're in fighting mode though.. if anyone can beat this, you can.

Thinking of you.

Vicki Dean sa...


I am very shocked by your news. I know you are a strong person and you can get through this with the support of all your friends and family. Keep fighting...

Sending you love,
Vicki x

Charme sa...

Oh Linda...It's difficult to find the right words to say...You may live a lot further away now, but my thoughts are still with you. Keep us updated on what's going on...Stay strong!