26 september 2007

Smaller devil....

Ok, a long time since I have updated you. So here is the latest developement. Everything is going very well and according to plan when it comes to treatment. All in all I will have 6 treatments with kemotherapy, I have at this point had 4. I will have the next one 4 th of October. It has been stressfull and hard. But this last treatment has gone well and I am as well as I can be considering. I am tired, but very well. I had a scan of my breasts today (I have no idea what the word is in English, way to technical for me..), and instead of one large tumor at around 6-7 cm they found only fragments of the tumor. The tumor has split into 6 smaller lumps where the biggest one was 1,7cm and the other ones are 3-5 mm. So the treatments really works. And I still have 2 more kemos to go, so that is amazing and I am so happy.

Mentally at this point I am very well and happy. I have my moments of course, who woulden't in my situation. But today is one of the best days I have had since this started. I am looking forward and feel I can see the end of it. Well, at least the extremely uncomfortable and painful kemotheraphy, which is the worst since it breaks down all the cells in your body. The process is exhausting and I need a lot of sleep.

Untill next kemo I am just going to enjoy myself, smell the trees and the vind and love my family. Thanks for all your amazing support. It really just hits me in the heart. Lots of love!!

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